Friday, 24 January 2014

Inspiration - the lonely sheep

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  I haven't been able to compose my words for sometime now but a simple walk was all it took.  A walk on my own, just me and my head.  I'm not sure I liked what I found but if I've found my muse again, who cares?  It was that lightbulb moment and I just had to write, so I scoured the high street for a notepad and pen, picked up my pace and strode off to find a nice spot to write on.

I wonder how much to share on this blog.  Life can seem pretty messed up at the time but when you look back you realise it was just a tiny misspelling in a book.  I don't want to document these misspellings on the internet because I know I will regret it.  Some however might help others or the process of writing them might bring about the realisation of their insignificance.  Either way I'm going to share some of mine with you along the way.

That day I was contemplating why when breathing and moving and living are so difficult we keep doing it.  Why do we bother?  Sometimes being alone, even for just a few hours can render life pointless.  I was sat watching some sheep and I contemplated being alone.

This is a poem for those moments when you feel the most alone. When you're surrounded by people but you've never felt more alone.

The lonely sheep

I’m standing here alone.
I can see my friends,
Meandering past.
They’re trying to find the greenest grass.
They’re trying to get away from me.
There’s Debbie and Burt,
Patrick and Sarah,
All wondering around,
Two by two,
With nothing to do.

I’m standing here alone.
The traffic is deafening.
The air is chilling.
I can see my friends wandering around,
Two by two.
I like my patch, don’t get me wrong.
My grass is good, not tough or strong.
I try to share it, with one or two,
With those I can see with nothing to do.

I’m standing here alone.
Why am I alone?
I breathe and eat just like my friends.
Like those who walk two by two.
There are others alone.
Eating their grass with nothing to do.
There’s Bobby, Scott, Tallulah and Mary.
Those are my friends with nothing to do.

I’m standing here alone.
“You’re a sheep, what need d’you have”.
A sheep needs love.
A sheep needs wanting.
A sheep needs holding.
A sheep needs you.
Why am I alone, with nothing to do?

I’m standing here alone.
I see my friends,
Trotting around two by two,
With nothing to do.
They look like me,
Wool, four legs, can’t you see?
So, why am I alone?
Why am I alone?

I’m standing here alone.
I’m in this field, just like my friends.
I want to walk two by two.
Like Debbie and Burt,
With nothing to do.

I’m standing here alone.
Why am I alone?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Should Sherlock smoke in 2014?

Sherlock Smoking


I was watching Sherlock tonight and the person I was with said "Oh I wish he wouldn't do that [smoke], Sophie loves him".

I was going to argue that it added to his character and that it was ok because it was portrayed as a vice but I stopped myself.  Sophie (not her real name) does love him and so does her sister.  They are of an impressionable age and seeing their favourite character smoking on television could influence them a lot.

I'm not saying they are going to take up smoking because of it (although I'm sure it will influence them in some way subconsciously) I think sadly they will lose the respect of Benedict Cumberbatch.  Not only is their favourite detective smoking, so is their favourite actor.

When I was younger, I can't remember what age, I found out my brother smoked.  I felt horrible.  It almost broke my heart.  I couldn't understand why my big brother would do something so stupid.  I could not see any benefits of it.  I don't think Sophie and her sister lead such naive, sheltered lives.  I don't think they feel the heartbreak I did but I'm sure they will feel something.  A lack of trust maybe?  A betrayal?

I remember on twitter a while ago there was a picture of Miranda Hart "smoking" in New York.  Her young fans were distraught and demanded an explanation.  Miranda tweeted saying that she was holding it for friend.  Whether or not this is true doesn't matter, the fact that her young fans believed her is important.

They look up to Miranda, just as Sophie and her sister look up to Benedict/Sherlock.  They have a duty (admittedly not one they directly chose) to be role models to their fans.  Miranda knew that she shouldn't be known to smoke.  I think this same consideration should have been thought about for Sherlock.

I'm not saying there should be no smoking on television, I believe it can add a lot, especially if you are representing society, who themselves are impartial to smoking.  I'm saying that writers/producers/actors,  whoever need to be aware of their audience.  Especially a programme going out before the watershed.  If you can't swear before nine, I'm not sure you should smoke (and yes I know the smoking happened after nine).

Having said all this, I do think it adds to Sherlock's character.  Is it worth it though?

ps. Does it say something that all of the google images of Sherlock smoking are from tumblr, a predominantly young person's social media?  I fear it has already influenced them…

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reading the Classics

For some reason at school I hated English.  I thought that English meant reading comprehension and I just could not do it.  I loved writing stories but it didn't really cross my mind that this was part of the English curriculum too.  I wish, I so wish someone had said to me, you will really enjoy studying "English Language" and if you get over your irrational fear of doing English Comprehension as a child you will also enjoy studying "English Literature".  At school you (well I did at least) had this feeling that learning can't be fun.  You can't enjoy reading books and writing about them, you can't enjoy writing a story, it's all about the exams.  This meant that I hated English and everything to do with it and so I didn't read any of the classics that other people did or write any stories until I was as far removed from school as possible.

I know I have just written a post about the stupidity of New Years Resolutions (you can read it HERE) and I still stand but if you follow me on twitter you will see that as soon as I posted that I thought of a great one.  I'm not going to call it a resolution because then it will be doomed for failure, I'm going to call it an aim.  My aim for 2014 is to read more (ok I haven't read any) classic books.

My other aim is to blog more frequently and I hope to achieve this I will blog about the books I am reading. Clever eh...

I'm afraid I've started to re-read Harry Potter (well it's a modern day classic isn't it?) so my next post will be on the first Harry Potter book (and the Harry Potter Studio tour which was amazing!) and then I've also just started reading Atonement by Ian McEwan so I will blog about that.  Then I don't know.  I'm going to scour my local library and my aunts house to try and find all the classic books that I haven't but should've read and come up with a list.

If you have any suggestions of books I should read I would love to hear from you.

Oh and before I sign off, here's a list of my aims for this year (well if I don't write them down I won't do them):

1. Write more stories, articles, scripts, blogs
2. Get a job(!)
3. Lose weight, exercise more etc. etc. (well it wouldn't be a resolution, I mean aims list without it…)
4. Read more
5. Make a film

Right I'll stop now that's a horrible list!

Katie :)