Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Baking Wednesday

So I have a lot of baking items to share with you on this jolly baking Wednesday.

My first very exciting bake was making Filo pastry.  I have seen it being made on The Great British Bake Off and with my friend we decided to give it a go.  We decided to give our favourite Kimberley's recipe a go and although it was really really hard work, the result was fantastic.  I took a picture of making the pastry and one of the final product.  If you want something to do in a day, it is very rewarding but it's definitely a once in a lifetime thing!

Chicken, bacon and butternut squash pie:

 The recipe is here: Kimberley's Chicken, bacon and butternut squash pie

The next exciting thing I made was a pizza from scratch.  This was just like making bread but the result was a lot tastier!  I used Jaime Oliver's recipe here: Jaime Oliver's pizza dough.  A couple of tips I would give are:

1. Use a bowl instead of doing it straight onto a work surface - it's much less messy.

2.  It's important not to keep adding flour so the dough is very wet.  This means if you have a standing mixer (a kitchen aid type thing) with a dough hook I would recommend using it instead of trying to knead this very sticky dough.  Do persevere though if you do it by hand, it will come together in the end!

I made a margarita pizza with added black olives.  I tried to shape the base the 'professional' way.  This was a lot of fun but I definitely need more practice! My end shape was more fish/penis shaped than spherical but ah well!

I also made some bread rolls for when my cousins came home.  They worked really well, although I need to improve on my 'slashing' technique.  I used the recipe from Paul Hollywoods 'How to Bake' book.

And finally I made a coffee cake, which looks a lot nicer than it has photographed.  It was from Mary Berry's aga book (a book which I can't live without).  It's so quick to make and tastes great.

Have you done any baking this weekend? Share your success below!

Katie :)

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