Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Granddad's an Alien

I wrote a poem 'cos I'm cool like that.

My Granddad’s an Alien

He’s as tall as the sky
And as fat as the moon.
He’s got a great big nose
And four eyes just in case.
His teeth might look scary
But please don’t you worry,
He doesn’t eat people,
Just chairs and a table.
My Granddad’s an alien
Is yours not one too?

His feet are all hairy
They are big like a giant’s.
He’s as green as the grass
When he’s not feeling blue.
For my Granddad is sad
As he's covered in boils
From his head to his toe.
And my friends they all sing
“Your Granddad’s an alien
He’s not like you or me.”

But I want to tell them,
To sing in their faces,
“My Granddad is smelly
And farts all the time.
He blames it on Grandma
Or me and the dog
The farting is never
From my Granddad himself”

The truth about Granddad?
I’ll tell you a secret.
He may be an alien,
But that doesn’t mean
He's not like your Granddad.
He’s just as old and he's just as deaf.
My Granddad’s an alien
Is yours not one too?

Katie Shuster

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