Sunday 11 August 2013

Fashionista? Pah!

So I'm really bad at the whole fashion thing.  I want to be good.  I really want to be good, but I'm not and here's why.

1. I'm lazy.  In my opinion the hour in the morning that some people spend doing hair, makeup and choosing their outfit would be better off sleeping.  Sleeping is superior to fashion.  End of.

2.  I have the world's most coveted body shape... apparently.  "Oh you're so lucky, boobs and hips and a tiny waist, it's what everyone wants".  No they don't.  Ok, well maybe you do, but high street fashion does not and therefore no clothes fit me.

3. I have zero confidence.  I see clothes that I think look great on people, bright colours, crop tops etc.  Would I wear them?  No.  What happens if I wear it wrong and end up looking like a total div?  No. (by the way I have serious issues with the whole crop top thing - the only people that look ok - not great, ok - are those with completely flat stomachs.  How many people do you know with a completely flat stomach? Not many I would suggest.  Therefore the crop top looks ok on very few people.  The fashion industry obviously doesn't care because it sells them to everyone.  I don't want to see people with muffin tops wearing crop tops.  I don't have the confidence to wear one, and I don't have the body to wear one.  England is getting fatter, yet fashion is catering to the thin 1%.  What is this?!)

So you see.  I am the kinda gal that likes to wear jeans and a plain top.  I have 2 maybe 3 pairs of shoes that I wear on a day to day basis (I have about 20 pairs that I never wear), but as I said I want to be good at fashion.  I look on websites and want to buy everything, I want it to fit me but it rarely does.  I want to throw on a skirt, top some chic boots and a fedora, shove on some bright red lippy and head out the door.  I want that, but life's a bitch, so I can't.

Before you wonder why on earth I'm blogging about this, hear me out.  Yesterday I dragged my friend (ok she dragged me.  Ok we dragged each other) to the local shopping centre to buy me a dress for a wedding I'm going to.  Relatively easy you may think?  No, you're wrong.  This wedding is in the south of France in August.  All of the summer clothes have been replaced with autumn ones, leaving no dresses for me to buy.  I came home empty handed.  I think I am just going to have some wear something I already have (sigh).

I do really like how I've done my hair though today.  I'm obsessed with braiding at the moment...

Before I go I wanted to share with you 2 things I'm really liking at the moment:

1. Mint nail varnish

2. This American shopping site with really really expensive dresses that I really really want!

Katie :)

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