Tuesday 23 April 2013

Broadchurch - I know who the murderer is...

Well we all do don't we? 

We all very sad that the series has ended - aren't we? I read an article (I think it was the well respected *ahem* digital spy) that said that end of Broadchurch was an anti-climax. WHAT THE ACTUAL F***! I'm sorry but we have just watched a drama about a police investigation. The reason that it was so good, was that it was realistic. You really felt that they were real people going through this real tragedy. It also felt like a real police investigation. It was logical and by the end we thought it was Nige, and then it wasn't. We also know (because it has been drummed into us, not just since Alec told us in the first episode, but also for most of our lives) that the killer is going to be someone that the victim knew. In this case Jo. It could have been the vicar, or the boyfriend, or even the dad. If it was any of those it would have still been an anti-climax. What I'm trying to say is that whatever the outcome it was always going to be a bit disappointing. 

Maybe you think it should have been someone completely different, an outsider perhaps. Ok - let's run with that. We ended episode 7 thinking it was Nige with maybe a slight possibility that it could have been Jo. Episode 8 begins and Alec says I think I know who the murderer is... it's someone who doesn't live in Broadchurch, who has no connection to Danny, and who we have never thought it would be - a stranger but.. SURPRISE! It is. The End. 

That would have been a rubbish ending, because you wanted it (in a strange way) to be someone he knew. One of the suspects, not just some randomer.

Yes it was an anti-climax, yes we didn't want it to end, but don't let that detract from what a brilliant piece of drama it was. The acting (especially from Olivia Coleman - Ellie Miller) was incredible. The tension built up was so great that it did leave us feeling a bit deflated at the end. Stop critising it, just for the sake of it. Praise the good things and accept the bad.

Before I sign off - I have just read that Series 2 has been commissioned. I'm not sure I approve. Broadchurch was unique, it happened to a small town that wasn't expecting it. It was great in that the murderer was linked to one of the police officers - there was a family connection. So if they made another series, they need Coleman and Tennant to do it, but I'm not sure it would work, it would be weird if it was connected to Ellie and would be obvious if it was connected to Alec. Don't get me wrong, I want it to work, I really do. I just think that maybe we should leave it on a high? Or am I just being pessimistic....

Katie :)