Friday, 1 February 2013

We should all watch Africa in the nude...


Work kind of got in the way again, but I handed it in yesterday, so I am now FREE! (Sort of.) I said I was going to review some television programmes and that is exactly what I'm going to do now.


For those of you who did not watch this series (shame on you) I urge you to catch up on iplayer. I am the first person to admit that I was not just a little bit resist about this so called 'old fashioned' sitcom. The first two series came and went and I was adamant it wasn't for me (I hadn't watched it obviously). My friends kept telling me that I would love it, but you see they also loved Flight of the Concordes, which I find really strange and I made the (wrong) assumption that Miranda would be of the same ilk. It wasn't until my second year of university (last year) that I was so unbelievably bored I thought I would give it a try. Maybe it was on BBC iplayer, maybe I was finally worn down by all of my friends. Whatever it was, I was ready to submit, and submit I did. I was hooked, hands down, after the first five minutes. Yes it's silly, yes it's ridiculous, but I have never laughed so hard in my life. I immediately bought series 2 and I along with millions of people fell in love with a 6 foot 1, middle aged woman (well who wouldn't?).

Miranda is tall. Miranda is single. But most importantly Miranda is funny and loveable and falls over a lot. She has friends who quite frankly are as wierd as her. There's her best friend Stevie, who is 5 ft 2 and likes to sing random lines from songs (What have you done to make you feel proud?). Together with Miranda they run a joke shop. Her mother Penny, is a 'what I call' a middle class mother, who is desperately wanting grandchildren that her only SINGLE daughter is not providing. This makes her very depressed and resorts to trolling the streets or the news to find her a lover. Tilly is her boarding school chum who likes to add 'mous' on the the end of end of every word. Everything is fabulisimous and marvelisimous. Then there is the lovely Gary, Miranda's friend for university. Throughout the three series there is the will they won't romance that keeps you coming back for more each week.

I know it is not everyone's cup of tea (or coffee), but I plead with you to watch just one episode. Give it a go. I am now a massive fan of Miranda and Miranda Hart. Never dismiss what you haven't tried, I think someone once said (well they might've done).


Well what a lovely show this is. It's got fighting, it's got sex and its got the most magnificent camera work I have ever seen. David Attenborough is like everybody's Granddad really isn't he? I really enjoy his programmes and they are always full of surprises. You are happily watching some Elephants trundling along, and then BAM a baby elephant dies. You are inncoently watching some Rhinos meeting at a waterhole with your parents and then BAM they start having sex right there. This then causes your father to say "I er, think I'm going to leave you to watch this on your own" as he sprints from the room. 

As much as I love watching Africa it can get a little, dare I say it, boring (please don't hate me). I watched an episode on my own a couple of weeks ago and I felt that I either needed to be really drunk or maybe in the nude to liven things up a bit (you know, leave the front door open and see if anyone walks in whist your starkers, kind of thing)*.  I would argue that it is back round telly, but back round telly of the Waitrose variety. The Harrods of television watching.

*I just want to assure, I have never done either of those things. I just fell asleep instead.

Katie :)

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