Thursday, 15 November 2012

Children in Need!!

Howdee Bloggees!!

Children in Need is coming!! Tomorrow night at 7 begins one of the best nights of TV all year. I must admit I do prefer Comic Relief, but it is so close behind it's not even worth thinking about.  I mean what is better than blackmailing celebrities to do funny/stupid things. NOTHING!

I think it is great though that so many people do do things for charity, especially for all those children. Even if you aren't going to watch the show, please consider donating even a little bit.

I really wanted to buy some Pudsey ears to wear tomorrow but I couldn't find any in the shops! Instead I have made some Pudsey cakes and I am selling them to my friends.

Why don't you have a go at baking something to sell to your friends? I made chocolate cupcakes and covered them in yellow buttercream and smarties, but anything will do!

If you want to donate here is the link: Children in Need website and don't forget BBC1 tomorrow night at 7.

Katie :)

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