Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Children's TV?

One of the best things about being a kid, is the large quantity of programmes you get to watch on the TV. I am Childhood Studies student at university and so this is pretty relevant to me, and besides I love to reminisce!

I thought I would start by introducing you to some of the programmes I watched as a kid:


Ok, hands up. Who watched the Tweenies?  When I was little I used to compare the Tweenies to the Teletubbies, but that wasn't really fair,  because the Tweenies were SO much better and more grown up! My favourite bit was when they did the Tweenie Clock 'where will it stop?' I always wanted it to stop on craft time as I loved copying what they made.


O, Blue Peter! Still going, still hi-larious. I haven't watched it for some time now, but it is still on at least once a week and I think they still use the classic phrase 'and here's one we made earlier..' I never did get a Blue Peter badge, but I'm not convinced I ever tried very hard!


I have a confession to make... I definitely watched this when I was a teenager, probably when I was ill, but I was definitely not a child. But it was soooo good! I loved the theme tune and the fact that the different families where different shapes. If you haven't seen it, please go on to youtube now!


I will admit, I have watched this recently and it is still great! I love the seal, and pingu and his sister. I love that they speak their own language, but you can still completely understand them! I just love it!

There are many more programmes that I loved to watch as a kid:

Grange Hill
Postman Pat
Thomas the Tank engine
Sesame streets
Dennis the Menace
Play days
Rosie and Jim
Come Outside
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Bananas in Pyjamas

I also looked up some new programmes that are out the moment:

Sorry I’ve got no head

I have no idea what they are about, I just love the names!

Anyway, a random post I know, but there you go. Let me know what programmes I have forgotten about - I would love to relive my childhood!

Hope you have a good wednesday!

Katie :) 

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