Wednesday 25 April 2012

BAFTA nominations!!

Ah the BAFTAs!  I love BAFTA night.  All your favourite television actors and actresses together in one room.  Brilliant!  If you haven't seen the full list of nominations for this year you can have a look here.  I just wanted to tell you about the ones I'm most excited about and who I think should win on the night.

First up is Leading actor.

I personally want Benedict Cumberbatch to win for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock.  He is so dishy, and so lovely and such a good actor.  He was a guest with his mum on the French and Saunders Radio 2 show and it just made me love him even more, so I really hope he wins.

Next is Supporting Actor.

Again another nomination for Sherlock is Martin Freeman.  I first saw him playing a porn star in Love Actually and didn't know him very well, but then I say him in Nativity! and loved him.  The relationship between him and Benedict in Sherlock is brilliant.  I can't wait for another series.

Supporting Actress.

Miranda Hart has to win. She just has to! I adore her show Miranda and was so excited to see her in Call the Midwife.  Chummy was such a wonderful character and it was so Miranda-esque I can't believe it was based on a real person.  I am slightly worried that Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey) may have the edge, because Downton was watched and loved by so many people.  I never really got into it, but from what I did see, it was very good.

Next up is Female Performance in a Comedy Programme.

I REALLY want Jennifer Saunders to win.  AbFab is my utmost favourite programme and Jennifer is my favourite comedienne and actress and person in the world.  But... Olivia Colman in Twenty Twelve is hilarious. I've started saying sheeeit all the time now, and she really makes me laugh.  Ruth Jones as well in Stella is hilarious. I found the Welsh accent difficult to understand at first, but Ruth is brilliant.  Neither of them have anything on Jennifer though.  Go Jennifer, Go!

Comedy Programme.

I want the Comic Strip Presents to win for two reasons. Firstly Jennifer Saunders was in it (yay!) and secondly I haven't seen any of the other programmes!!

Finally the YouTube Audience Award.

For me there are three contenders; Fresh Meat, Sherlock and the Great British Bake Off.  I don't really know why Fresh Meat is one of my contenders because I have only watched one episode and it wasn't that great, BUT it has Jack Whitehall in it and he is a true babe, and I love him.  Sherlock, is well Sherlock, amazing, but... the Great British Bake Off.  Mel and Sue presenting was a good move by the BBC, they were perfect, and I learned so much from all the bakers.  So I voted for the Great British Bake Off, even though I think that Fresh Meat will win.  You can vote here so,
 do it, do it, do it!

The BAFTAs aren't actually on until the 27th May, but don't worry, I will remind you to watch them and in the meantime, I would love to know who you think should win,

Katie :)

Monday 23 April 2012

The Bridge

Twitter teaches me a lot of things.  I learn about what is going on in the news (some people watch the news, or read a newspaper, I don't), I feel that I know what my favourite celebrities are doing ( I don't, they would never tell me) and I know what TV I should and shouldn't watch.  Emma Kennedy, () is brilliant at letting me/everyone who follows her know what TV programmes she thinks are good or bad. Over the past couple of weeks she has been sharing her views on The Voice, and more recently she has shared her views on The Bridge. Just a quick note before I move on to talk about The Bridge, you really should follow her on Twitter.  She takes no nonsense from wankers, but is a great person to follow and makes me laugh regularly, she could probably even be heralded as a twitter queen! So do it. (O and you can follow me too , but I'm a LOT less interesting!)

So, The Bridge. It's on BBC Four and it's Danish. It is a bit like The Killing (which I highly recommend), it has subtitles (not as bad as you might think) and it is a crime/thriller type shindig (can sometimes require a change of pants as it can be tense).  I've only watched the first episode, but I can't wait to watch the next one. You can watch it HERE on BBC Iplayer and I really think you should give it a go.  Let me know what you think.

Katie :) 

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Children's TV?

One of the best things about being a kid, is the large quantity of programmes you get to watch on the TV. I am Childhood Studies student at university and so this is pretty relevant to me, and besides I love to reminisce!

I thought I would start by introducing you to some of the programmes I watched as a kid:


Ok, hands up. Who watched the Tweenies?  When I was little I used to compare the Tweenies to the Teletubbies, but that wasn't really fair,  because the Tweenies were SO much better and more grown up! My favourite bit was when they did the Tweenie Clock 'where will it stop?' I always wanted it to stop on craft time as I loved copying what they made.


O, Blue Peter! Still going, still hi-larious. I haven't watched it for some time now, but it is still on at least once a week and I think they still use the classic phrase 'and here's one we made earlier..' I never did get a Blue Peter badge, but I'm not convinced I ever tried very hard!


I have a confession to make... I definitely watched this when I was a teenager, probably when I was ill, but I was definitely not a child. But it was soooo good! I loved the theme tune and the fact that the different families where different shapes. If you haven't seen it, please go on to youtube now!


I will admit, I have watched this recently and it is still great! I love the seal, and pingu and his sister. I love that they speak their own language, but you can still completely understand them! I just love it!

There are many more programmes that I loved to watch as a kid:

Grange Hill
Postman Pat
Thomas the Tank engine
Sesame streets
Dennis the Menace
Play days
Rosie and Jim
Come Outside
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Bananas in Pyjamas

I also looked up some new programmes that are out the moment:

Sorry I’ve got no head

I have no idea what they are about, I just love the names!

Anyway, a random post I know, but there you go. Let me know what programmes I have forgotten about - I would love to relive my childhood!

Hope you have a good wednesday!

Katie :) 

Saturday 7 April 2012

The Voice!

Is anyone else watching The Voice on BBC 1 right now?

For me, this is just proof that the BBC gets everything right.  It's just what the music industry needs right now, people who can just sing.

If you haven't seen it, I was a bit reticent at first, but after watching just 10 minutes I knew it was the best talent show on TV so far.  The Voice is a show that just focuses on the singing.  The judges can't see who is singing and if they like what they hear, they can turn their chairs around.  The singers then choose who they want to mentor them, and they have a choice between Jessie J,, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue! Who would you choose? I think I would choose Jessie, but I can't sing so my opinion doesn't matter!

I've watched the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, because my friends have made me, and because once you get into it and past the auditions, it's not that bad, but The Voice is just 100 times better and it doesn't have Simon Cowell in it!

Anyway if you've had any reservations, put them aside and catch up on BBC iPlayer:

Have a good Easter and don't eat too much chocolate!

Katie :)

Thursday 5 April 2012

One Tree Hill


I can't believe it's over!!!  I know I should have waited until it came out in the UK, but something like this, I just couldn't!  I didn't cry, but I was close! I don't cry at much really, so that was no surprise. I'm not going to ruin it for any of you, but it was the perfect ending, the perfect way to say goodbye.  I've watched one tree hill since the beginning, for nine years and it is one of my favourite shows. I was trying to think who my favourite character was but I quickly realised that I could never choose, I want bits of all of them! I want Brooke's fashion sense, Haley's singing talent, I want Peyton's love of music and artwork and I want the best bits from all of the rest.
 I'm going to watch the finale again when it properly comes out in the UK and we can discuss it further, but until then here are two of my favourite quotes:

The first is from the sign in Karen's Cafe:

"Somebody told me that this is the place, where everything is better and everything is safe"

The second was said a lot throughout the show by a number of characters and has got me through the hard times in my life:

"When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Is the person starring back at you the person you want to be?"

I'm sure most of you will have seen this already, but Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James Scott) wrote a blog about the final episode here which is really moving and definitely worth a read.

I literally can't wait to watch it again legally. Have a good evening. 

Katie :)

Monday 2 April 2012

Silent Witness

AKA Witless Silence.

If you don't know what I mean, check out this video.

This is a French and Saunders parody of the old-style Silent Witness, but it is still good.

I love silent witness, mainly because I love Emilia Fox (Nikki).  I love her hair most of all.  
It's always so perfect and I want it!

Did you watch last night's episode.  It was sooo good! 3 murders is pretty impressive for the first episode.  Some people find it a bit gruesome, but I don't, it never last's for that long anyway.

When I was younger I wanted to be a forensic pathologists, mainly because of watching Silent Witness, however it takes at least fifteen years to train and I don't think I could last that long.  Besides Nikki never has a boyfriend because her job is basically cutting up dead people and I don't think I could live with that!

Anyway, don't forget to watch part 2 tonight and let me know what you think.

Katie :)